Congratulations to the Zenith footy team

The Zenith International squad
The Zenith International squad

Against the hopeful wishes of my Grandad, I’m actually a Liverpool FC supporter (he worships Everton, our neighbours in blue). So, when I received an email recently about the 5-a-side football tournament in Manchester, in which Zenith International fielded a talented team, I was impressed by the calibre of some of the opposition.

One such player, a certain Dean Saunders, used to play for Liverpool in the early 90s, and I saw him play a few times. It’s with no shame that the Zenith team failed to go any further than the last 16 in the 5-a-side competition with players like Saunders running around (even though he’s probably 104 years old).

All credit to them. Next year, I may follow the team up north to offer my support (and perhaps blag an autograph or two from any ‘retired’ ex-Reds).