Honey, I shrunk the crisps

I used to think that the shrinking of crisp packets was a part of growing up; my hands getting bigger or something. However, the reality is far scarier than adolescence (but only just).

Finding a balance between increasing commodity prices and customer satisfaction is a tough task, and many companies are going through this right now. The downside is that many companies aren’t making a meal out of announcing the shrinking of packaging and contents, so many consumers are none the wiser. It’s arguably a better strategy than increasing your price, which us thrift wise consumers notice almost straight away.

What’s ethically challenging is the combining of both, when product size decreases and the price goes up. Let’s not name names here, but let’s consider a possible future, when a packet of crisps feels like it’s empty, yet costs an arm and a leg.

I bought a bag of crisps for £1 the other day (a criminal amount), yet the content was less than I remember when I was a nipper (I have a vague recollection of 35g being the norm).

So, growing up has a lot to answer for, such as bigger hands, bigger appetite and the loss of my rose-tinted glasses. Fortunately, I have a keen eye for price increases, as do my fellow shoppers. It’s the shrinkage we need to keep an eye on.

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