Dairylea triangles (and other victims)

Following on from a previous post, I have it on good authority that some of the food industry’s biggest players are indeed trimming their offerings while maintaining RRPs. Actually, I’m not sure if redOrbit.com is trustworthy at all, but the article I read doesn’t reveal too many surprises.

I’m taking this rather personally, as I happen to be a big fan of Dairylea triangles, and the fact that they’ve allegedly been trimmed down to 160g (from 180g) can only be great news for my waistline. Unfortunately, the price remains the same, as does the cost of a jar of Hellmann’s mayo (now 30oz instead of 32oz), and Cadbury Dairy Milk (100g instead of 140g).

According to the article, Cadbury said its decision to shrink the size of its chocolate bars “was a reaction to shopping trends”, which could mean it’s following everybody else’s lead (such as Unilever and Kraft), or is still trying to adjust to the salmonella effect (circa 2006).

I look forward to these “shopping trends” changing, so that I can take pleasure in announcing that chocolate bars are much bigger than they once were, and we don’t have to pay a penny more for them. In the meantime, I’ll be counting my cheese triangles carefully, just in case.

Update, 24 Aug 08: And this article provides details of even more shrinkage.