The EnvirUP Green Index podcast

I had a great chat with Assim Ishaque from Ltd today, who had  travelled down from Nottingham to Bath to tell me about his company’s first ‘Green Index’.

The Green Index is a list of 100 well-known brands – many of which are food and beverage brands – all rated according to their green credentials. This takes into account packaging, carbon footprints, labelling and a number of other criteria. Some of the results are astounding, not least the fact that none of the 100 brands achieved a grade higher than ‘C’ (with ‘A’ being the highest).

Unsurprisingly, perhaps, is that washing detergent manufacturers did rather well, as many detergent companies have made a concerted effort to grasp more than a fundamental understanding of what genuine sustainability is.

Strangely, there are some inconsistencies that just don’t make good business sense, such as Unilever’s great result for its detergent brands, yet poor results for some of its popular food brands.