Now International prepares for FPE in Geneva

I’m attending Vitafoods in Geneva later this month, and will be talking to a handful of companies that are launching new products at the event.

In this short series of blogs, I’ll share some of my correspondence with these companies, working up to the day when their products are revealed for all to see at Vitafoods or the FPE (Finished Products Expo).

Today, Morgan Coghill of Now International shares his thoughts on how preparations are going for the company’s launch of its Now Sports Premier range …

This year’s Finished Products Expo is an extremely important milestone for us, because after three years of hard work and dedication, we’ll be launching our Now Sports Premier line to the world. Yes, the 2010 instalment of the show will bear witness to the global roll out of our certified sports line, tested by HFL’s Informed Sports Programme, which is aimed at giving all athletes that use our products every confidence that the supplements they’re taking are clear of banned substances.

It all started in 2007 when we were exhibiting at Finished Products Expo for the first time. A representative from HFL visited our booth and we got talking about testing programmes. The project has been under development since then, but like all of these things – when there are regulations involved – it takes time to get them off the ground. But we are delighted to be launching at Finished Products Expo. It feels right, almost as if everything has come full circle.

All of our existing sports line will become part of the premier line, and while the formulations are the same, we’ve essentially built a new line out of our existing range, with even more benefits for the consumer. Specific products within this that will be on show at FPE include a full spectrum mineral product, a basic multivitamin, fish oil, amino acids, an enzyme product, a whey protein and a carnitine.

So, as you can imagine, after three years in the making, we’re very proud and excited about the launch. As this will be the global rollout (they’re not even available in our US homeland yet!), we’ve put everything we possibly can into getting it right. Our stand will very much reflect this, with images of sportspeople who use our products adorning the panels.

Of course, all the packaging, sales literature and marketing tools will also be designed and presented to sit in-line with this, but at the moment, we’re concentrating on making sure all the products are shipped to Geneva in time for the show. Fingers crossed!