Shaun Weston of

An overview of the food forum in Chicago

The Food Technology, Innovation & Safety Forum was an event attended by some of the biggest names in the North American food industry, thrust together courtesy of WTG for the sake of reaching out for new business, sharing business philosophies and eating unhealthy ‘conference food’.

The real value for me was inside the conference halls, where a select group of businesspeople encouraged their peers to embrace the challenges we all face for a more sustainable future, with a nod in the direction of Paul Comey (Green Mountain Coffee) and Yves Potvin (Garden Protein) in particular.

With good humour and almost faultless presentations, these two pitched their respective philosophies with common sense examples of how being ‘a better company’ means embracing change for all of the right reasons. I can only hope that the right people were listening.

I’m happy to say that I recorded a handful of interesting conversations while in Chicago, and you can hear my chat with Paul Comey below.

I also took a few pictures, which you can see at this Flickr link.