wins at the Online Media Awards

Working in digital media is a real challenge. On the one hand, many people treat you as ‘IT’, and on the other you’re a subservient ‘distraction’ who may one day grow up and get a real job.

But to those of us who have worked in traditional media such as magazine or newspaper publishing and have adapted our skills for a new world, or have spun enthusiastically from universities with degrees in ‘new media’, it’s all second nature, and it can be incredibly rewarding.

The inaugural Online Media Awards in London pit many big names against one another, such as the BBC, The Guardian, Forbes and The Huffington Post. Among them, your humble, shortlisted for three awards and winner of one (Best Commercial Innovation).

Gracious winners we may be, but we’re also satisfied that much of the hard work that’s gone into has been recognised by what we consider to be a thriving industry, despite the naysayers. Congratulations to our competitors on the night. It’s a privilege to work in the same field as you guys.

As for, we’ll continue to adapt, develop, progress, push boundaries and take risks. We believe in what we do, and we trust in the power of digital media.

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