Changing the publishing industry with digital editions

We launched our first edition of the Functional Drinks ‘digital edition’ today since taking over from Zenith International. Please let us know what you think of it.

Keen followers of will know that we won an award recently for ‘Best Commercial Innovation’ at the inaugural Online Media Awards in London, UK. We won specifically because we’ve forged ahead with the concept of digital editions of our print titles, successfully integrating digital media to pack some editorial punch.

This latest magazine is the latest product in our digital media portfolio, and we expect it to do well in enhancing our editorial offering. This is where we think the business is seeing the most development, and it’s where we believe the publishing industry is going.

I’m an enthusiastic advocate of digital media in all its forms. I’m not narrow-minded enough to believe that the internet will kill printed magazines and newspapers, but it’s changing the way we publish information; offering a new medium that in turn affects new innovation in device access, commercial opportunities and payment mechanisms.

The Functional Drinks digital edition is a new horse in a stable we’ve already built. I very much look forward to embracing the new standard of digital publishing that’s on the horizon and beyond.