Enjoying Ella's Kitchen fruit tree.

Ella’s Kitchen creates the world’s first edible forest

In a small part of London today, kids and parents will be enjoying what’s been described as ‘the world’s first edible forest for little ones’ courtesy of Ella’s Kitchen.

The idea is that toddlers get to explore a small world made of fruit and vegetables, which I think is a great marketing concept. It gets kids interested in something other than dinosaurs and Lego, and helps parents understand what the Ella’s Kitchen brand is all about.

Yes, it’s a marketing exercise, but it’s a very good one, albeit a small-scale one that I think hopes to spread its message via social media and word of mouth.

The Ella’s Kitchen brand has done this sort of thing before, with its vending machine for babies and the world’s tiniest milk float. It’s a brand that likes to think a little differently and I can only imagine it must be fun at marketing meetings!

The edible forest was created by food artist Prudence Staite, with the edible landscape consisting of more than 600 kilos of fruit and vegetables. Apparently, it took a team of six people more than 460 hours to create.

I’m afraid it’s a one-day-only event, taking place at Horniman Museum & Gardens, and is free of charge for parents and little ones. Following the event, all of the fruit and vegetables used in the construction of the edible forest will be provided to The Horniman Museum and Gardens for use in its Museum Café.