How popular is yogurt in the UK?

Since I can remember, I’ve eaten yogurt. I particularly enjoyed the ‘upside down’ pots of Ski, and Prize from St Ivel. I even succumbed to the allure of Ski drinking yogurt in the 1980s.

Yogurt is everywhere now, seen as a healthy snack, a functional supplement, a luxurious dessert or even a quick drink. It’s a remarkably resilient food that has come on in leaps and bounds in terms of variety.

A perfect breakfast.
A perfect breakfast. (Photo by Pen Waggener)

I’ll be one of those people celebrating with a few pots during ‘Yogurt Week’ in the UK starting 19 May. I was sent a few facts to support the week, including the following:

– One in five British consumers eat yogurt on a daily basis.
– Almost two thirds of adults eat yogurt at least once a week.
– In Britain, we purchased over 2.7 billion pots of yogurt in the last year. That’s 86 every second of every day, which means 7.4 million pots are consumed every day.
– Brits eat enough yogurt every week to fill more than 3.5 Olympic-size swimming pools; equivalent in weight to 4x The London Eye, or 737 double decker buses.
– Brits consumed over 460,000 tonnes of yogurt in the last year, which is enough to fill the Royal Albert Hall more than 4.5 times.
– In the UK, we spent over £1.2bn on yogurt in the last year. That’s £38 every second of every day.
– Over 90% of British households purchased yogurt in the last year, which equates to 23.9 million households.

Thanks to the Yogurt Council for the facts and figures. All I need now is a spoon.

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