Cadbury chocolate blocks

What could replace confectionery at the Tesco checkout?

You have probably read by now that UK supermarket Tesco is removing sweets and chocolates from checkouts across the UK.

I love a bar of chocolate, but even I see that running the ‘confectionery gauntlet’ isn’t good for me, so this has to be a positive step in the battle against obesity. Everything in moderation, hey?

Kantar Worldpanel sent me some interesting statistics about the British confectionery market, which I’ll share with you.

  • The total British ‘take home’ confectionery market (confectionery that’s bought in stores and taken back to the home) is worth £3,344,930,000 (52 weeks ending 27 April 2014).
  • Confectionery purchased on-the-go and eaten outside of the home is worth £464,140,300.
  • The total take-home confectionery market in Great British grocers is worth £2,824,328,000.

That’s a lot of money and a lot of chocolate. Time will tell if Tesco’s decision will affect sales. Of course, that shelf space has to be filled with something else. At my local Marks & Spencer, there’s a mix of options that includes chocolate, sweets, crisps, nuts, seeds, dried fruit and hand gel. All options seem to be at child’s eye level, but Tesco has said it will change its policy in this regard, too.

Fruit would be good, and perhaps bottled water. I’d love to see a small fridge at the checkout that contains milk, as I nearly always forget it!

So, are you more likely to buy chocolate if it’s at the checkout, or is it already in your trolley by the time you get there?