Danone Waters is giving out free bottles of water to London commuters.

Free Evian helps Tube travellers beat dehydration

I’m no doctor, but I have known of the health benefits of being well hydrated since I had an unwelcome case of heatstroke when I was young and invincible.

I am now Chief Annoying Hydration Officer to my nearest and dearest, advocating the drinking of water to solve the many ails of the day. Here in the UK, we’re having some unfamiliar hot weather, so I’ve been particularly busy in keeping everyone up to speed on downing enough water to stave off headaches, low energy, sickness etc.

The news that Danone Waters (UK & Ireland) is giving out free bottles of water to London commuters is really great, and I applaud Transport for London (TfL) for taking the initiative. Free bottles of Evian Natural Mineral Water will be given to customers travelling on the Tube, to the tune of 250,000 bottles.

It’s all part of TfL’s ongoing Beat the Heat and Travel Better London campaign, which aims to raise awareness of how passengers can help to reduce delays and improve the environment for themselves and fellow travellers by making small changes to their travel habits.

Danone Waters has agreed a three-year partnership with Transport for London that will see additional water distribution days across the London Underground network during the summer months until 2017. The partnership will help secure Evian’s presence across London, which is also supported by its annual Live Young January campaigns and sponsorship of The Championships at Wimbledon.

It’s so easy to forget to drink water when you’re having a busy day, so try to carry around a bottle or two of the free Evian or your very own container. Need reminding? Look at tourist kids – they always seem to have a bottle hanging from their backpacks. They could teach our UK kids a thing or two about staying hydrated.

I also wrote about hydration in June, when I shared the Vittel Refresh Cap with you. Has anyone seen this bottle yet?


Starting on 19 August, consumers in New York City can use the hashtag #evianBottleService to have free water delivered on-demand to select locations throughout the city.

Evian begins its ‘Bottle Service’ for three days around Bryant Park and will continue to keep the city hydrated near select parks around the city. Exact locations and times will be announced via the brand’s social media channels.