About Shaun Weston

Shaun WestonMy name is Shaun Weston and I’m managing editor of a website called FoodBev.com.

The site caters for the food and drink industry, covering five primary channels of interest: food, beverage, dairy, water and cooler. The site also covers sub sectors, such as alcohol, bakery, confectionery and labelling.


4 thoughts on “About Shaun Weston”

  1. Hi Shaun: I’m trying to find out more information on an Italian 18 liter PET bottled water bottle you mentioned on Linkedin. Does it fit on a dispenser?

    Elizabeth Russell

  2. Hi Shaun – I read your story on Feb. 18 about Maple and Birch waters. I just wanted to let you know about BetterSweet Maple Water tapped from certified organic forests in Vermont. Let me know if I can provide you with any additional information. Thanks!

    1. Hello, Daniel. Thanks for getting in touch. Is BetterSweet Maple Water a new product this year? You can contact me directly at shaun [at] foodbev.com. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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