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The Avex 2011 Podcasts

Adam Green from Green Drinks

I don’t get to attend many events in the F&B calendar as much as I’d like, but I hope to bring you more coverage of the big events over the next year.

At Avex 2011, which took place in Birmingham, UK, in June, my colleague Bill Bruce conducted three interviews that we turned into podcasts for FoodBev.com.

Interview one

Bill talks to Michael Rice of Follett, and discovers more about trends in ice usage in Europe. You can visit the podcast page for the Michael Rice interview here.

Interview two

Bill caught up with Adam Green, the founder of The Green Drinks Company. Listen to the Adam Green interview here.

Interview three

Bill talks to Matthew Baldry from Think3e, a social enterprise that focuses, among other things, on reducing landfill waste. Listen to the Matthew Baldry podcast here.

I hope you enjoy catching up with our Avex 2011 podcasts. Please leave a comment if you want to know more about the interviews, or if you’d like to feature on a FoodBev.com podcast.


Interview with Wild’s Mike Ponder and Erik Donhowe

It was Wild’s 80th anniversary last week, and I travelled to Heidelberg in Germany to visit the plant and meet Dr Hans-​Peter Wild prior to his own 70th birthday.

In this audio interview, his colleagues Mike Ponder and Erik Donhowe talk about the Wild philosophy, the recent extension to the company’s contract with PepsiCo for the SoBe range, and the skills and knowledge required to modify complex flavours such as stevia.

Mike Ponder and Erik Donhowe on the future of Wild

Talking to Jim Cregan, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

I first met Jim Cregan at Bath Coffee Festival 2011 in a large marquee on what’s affectionately known as ‘The Rec’.

He’s the founder and director of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, which was launched in April this year at Selfridges in London.

Despite our hectic work schedules, we managed to have a Skype chat today and talked about the development of the brand, the hard work that’s going into the marketing strategy and the need for new distribution.

You can hear the full audio/podcast interview by clicking the link below. We’re also on iTunes.

The launch and development of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

An overview of the food forum in Chicago

The Food Technology, Innovation & Safety Forum was an event attended by some of the biggest names in the North American food industry, thrust together courtesy of WTG for the sake of reaching out for new business, sharing business philosophies and eating unhealthy ‘conference food’.

The real value for me was inside the conference halls, where a select group of businesspeople encouraged their peers to embrace the challenges we all face for a more sustainable future, with a nod in the direction of Paul Comey (Green Mountain Coffee) and Yves Potvin (Garden Protein) in particular.

With good humour and almost faultless presentations, these two pitched their respective philosophies with common sense examples of how being ‘a better company’ means embracing change for all of the right reasons. I can only hope that the right people were listening.

I’m happy to say that I recorded a handful of interesting conversations while in Chicago, and you can hear my chat with Paul Comey below.

I also took a few pictures, which you can see at this Flickr link.

The EnvirUP Green Index podcast

I had a great chat with Assim Ishaque from EnvirUP.com Ltd today, who had  travelled down from Nottingham to Bath to tell me about his company’s first ‘Green Index’.

The Green Index is a list of 100 well-known brands – many of which are food and beverage brands – all rated according to their green credentials. This takes into account packaging, carbon footprints, labelling and a number of other criteria. Some of the results are astounding, not least the fact that none of the 100 brands achieved a grade higher than ‘C’ (with ‘A’ being the highest).

Unsurprisingly, perhaps, is that washing detergent manufacturers did rather well, as many detergent companies have made a concerted effort to grasp more than a fundamental understanding of what genuine sustainability is.

Strangely, there are some inconsistencies that just don’t make good business sense, such as Unilever’s great result for its detergent brands, yet poor results for some of its popular food brands.

Carsten Kaisig & Vanessa Veronese

My colleague Claire Phoenix, editor of Beverage Innovation magazine, recently interviewed Carsten Kaisig, CEO of Capri-Sonne. We tried to make the best out of the poor sound quality, but it’s worth listening to for Carsten’s insight into the beverage market in China.

Claire also spoke to Vanessa Veronese, Marketing Product Manager for Italian company Zuegg, about two of its brands: Skipper and Frulli.

I hope you enjoy the podcasts. Please leave comments if you feel so compelled, and I’d be happy to hear from you if you’re interested in being a FoodBev.com interviewee!

The BFJA Annual Symposium

The British Fruit Juice Association (BFJA) Annual Symposium took place last month (5 June 2008) with the theme of sustainability high on the agenda. FoodBev.com is pleased to be able to present a short series of podcasts featuring two of the speakers at the event.

The first download is an introduction to the symposium by Jill Ardagh, the Director General of the British Soft Drinks Association (BSDA). Mark Rhodes is Director of Corporate Environment, Health & Safety at GlaxoSmithKline. His talk, entitled ‘Adaptation or Extinction’, is available to download in two parts.

    Jonathon Porritt CBE is the Chairman of the Sustainable Development Commission, and is co-founder and Programme Director of Forum for the Future.

    All BFJA podcasts can be downloaded at the following link.